Learn by doing! WEMA modules are interactive and well designed for the 21st Century workforce.

After an intensive two-months skills assessment and training, the graduates undergo a ten-month blended work experience journey that requires them to receive regular mentored-learning as they continue working with the assigned SME.

2 months

Level 1

Understand & package yourself

  • Demystisfying SMEs
  • Consulting mindset
  • Uncovering your opportunities
  • My SWOT Analysis

Level 2

21st Century Skills

  • Sharpening fundamental work-place ICT skills
  • Mastering the Sales Pitch
  • Connecting Cents & Sense
  • Future of Work: Freelancing Option

Level 3

Business and Society

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Project Management (Basics)
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Community Impact

10 months

Level 4

Work Experience and Mentorship

  • Interviews & SME placements
  • Work Experience commencement
  • One-on-one sessions with mentors
  • Monthly group mentorship