Our course is all interactive and well designed for the 21st Century workforce.

Candidates will undergo a series of indoor and outdoor challenges that will tap into their critical thinking skills to succeed!.
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Level 1

Be unique

All about self
growth, creativity, innovation...

Level 2

Be exceptional

Work ethics,
lifestyle, money management...

Level 3


Practical hands-on
Skills you MUST possess for your everyday life.

The programs

Creativity and innovation

Learn how to redefine current processes
to maximize profits.

Digital skills / online jobs

Jobs worth billions are in the internet.

work ethics

Hear from H.R Officers and
employers why you can't
sustain a job.

Personal value proposition

Learn how to choose the right words to express yourself.

Money management

How to be rich and stay rich.

Entrepreneurship 101

Know how businesses are run in the field.
Employ yourself.


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Ksh. 1,500/=

Ongoing April 2020 intake

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