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The Work Experience and Mentoring Academy (WEMA) is an immersion program that provides mentorship, 21st century skills training and work experience to university and college graduates adopting an intensive, interactive and thought-provoking model

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Our Unique Offering

What differentiates WEMA from other employability programs is the deliberate intention to link graduates with an SME in order to gain meaningful work experience.

Access to a supportive professional & social network

Graduates equipped with skills, resources and tools

Opportunity for practical career exploration and mapping

Linkage to SME for paid work experience

For me the biggest change brought about by WEMA was my MINDSET. I was very secure about the skills I had after school but WEMA has instilled in me the need to go outside my comfort zone and be receptive to every opportunity that can teach me new skills.

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WEMA Success Stories

Philip Wairera

Imagine resigning from your job because you feel unfulfilled and too drained to want to go on. Then, after almost a year of being jobless and a failed business partnership later, an opportunity lands in your lap. An opportunity so grand that your life changes for the better in almost an instant! This is the story of chartered accountant Philip Wairera!

He was employed as junior staff in a company, which, in his words, he resigned from because he felt unfulfilled and stuck in a job rat race that was heading nowhere. His big idea was to leave employment and embark on entrepreneurship with a friend. But shortly after, Philip realized that the partnership was doomed for failure before it could take off.

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Joy Tanti

Joy Tanti credits her career success to her connection with the Work Experience and Mentorship Academy shortly after finishing her undergraduate studies in entrepreneurship at Moi University in Eldoret town. After graduating with honours in 2014, Joy signed up and paid for the WEMA mentorship programme, together with fourteen other graduates.

The organization's administrators ensured that the cohort was immersed and engaged in the daily operations of various businesses, government organisations, and private institutions so that by the time they finished the programme, the trainees would go out and combine what they learned in school and their work experience training by WEMA by diligently implementing the knowledge acquired into the job internship, businesses, and consultancies that they would be assisted in enrolling in afterwards.

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